Your company logo is probably the most important part of your business to get right. Think of the top companies and I'll wager you're currently picturing their logos. It's the bit of the company you remember, so it's important that the logo conveys both the personality and the purpose of the company at a glance.

Here's a few logos for which I'm responsible :-

Mick Extance Kawasaki Experience For Mick Extance, I needed to portray a company that was exciting and vibrant. The logo was constrained by the Kawasaki font and colours but had to be dynamic and work in a number of different formats and colour variations. It also had to provide the often overlooked favicon element and the strong "X" leads to the memorable Extance surname. The inspiration for the rider? That's a photo I took at Silverstone MX Track and is Mick's son Adam doing a ridiculous tail whip over one of the jumps.

Intelligent Watering Adrian needed a logo designing and I'd played with the "IW" concept quite a bit for my own logo. Adrian wanted people to get a feeling of confidence when they saw the logo, ideally that it will feel as if they have seen it before. It had to be memorable, work on a number of different backgrounds and provide that favicon.